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Benefits of door access control system in workplace

It is critical in today’s uncertain times to have a robust door access control system installed to ensure safety of your company premises. Door access control systems from leading manufacturers such as FingerTec authenticate and validate the entry and passage of personnel and staff through restricted areas. If you are a leadership executive or business owner, then the below reasons will make it sufficiently clear about why door access control systems in your company is an absolute must –

  1. Asset protection – Many cases have been reported in and around UAE and Dubai where lack of adequate door access controls have led to human casualties, cash theft and loss or damage to of property. Be it ATM, cash counters at supermarkets, critical areas of IT/server/network systems setup or inventory storage unit, door access control is a critical component that ensures complete peace of mind in protecting your valuable assets from destruction or vandalism.
  1. Life protection – Many human lives have been acutely compromised in protecting valuable assets or stocks in gold shops, commercial premises, industrial estates, offices or factories. This is where setting up door access control systems shows its true value by preventing unwanted entry of unauthorized people. This helps avoid mishaps and risk of injuries due to the intruder’s criminal intent.
  1. Authorized access – Certain areas of the business premises need to be provided access to only a handful of staff and keep the rest of employees and other people out of these areas. IT rooms and server areas are such business-critical areas that cannot have unrestricted access to everyone. Even the backroom manufacturing facility for shops such as gold and jewelry need to provide access only to the business executives, manufacturing staff or security personnel. This can be possible only by door access control.
  1. Optimize operational efficiencies – Restrictions from door access control systems help in smooth operations and continuity in business functioning. This is done without hampering equipment or compromising integrity of the IT operations. Imagine the chaos if everyone were allowed to have unobstructed entry to these critical areas of operations. The security of IT data, hardware and files will be severely compromised in this case. In a second instance, top executives and business managers can focus on creating reports or confidential information without worrying about untimely entry by a subordinate.
  1. Maintains privacy – Many sections or designated areas such as hotel rooms, pharmaceutical labs, safety vaults or cash rooms in banks or gold shops need precautions to ensure privacy when the authorized personnel carried out his/her duty there. A strong door access control system with an additional layer of security such as PIN-enabled entry or biometric access will be a good measure to guarantee privacy without generating unwanted attention from prying eyes.

Interested to know more about how door access control systems from professional manufacturers such as FingerTec can add value to your personnel and operational safety? Contact us at HUTAIB INFOTECH SOLUTIONS and we will be happy to help you explain the advantages of door access control systems to ensure –

  1. Authorization
  2. Identification, and
  3. Authentication

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