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Access Control in Offices

The major concerns of all businesses are white collar crimes, break-ins and thefts. As the saying goes ‘Precaution is better than cure’, it is the responsibility of every business to invest a bit on safeguarding its assets, premise and most importantly, its people. By 2020, global businesses are going to spend more than $55.48 billion in security and safety systems. This supports the need for access control systems in face of increasing business competition.

Electronic security systems today go beyond conventional lock and key systems. Supported by modern technologies, access control systems ensure that only authorized people have access to one’s office premise and rooms. This proactive form of security management not only provides the much needed security to the workplace but also helps the management team have thorough control over all personnel. Access control systems in offices keep the assets, staff and overall business safe by restricting access to important areas of the building with tools like fob control, proximity cards, keypad entry systems and biometric logins which are highly secure.

Why investing in access control systems make perfect sense?

There are several reasons why small and large businesses are opting for access control systems. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Firstly, access control systems are controlled by special software and one will no longer require changing locks or re-issue keys in case they are lost or stolen. Electronic FOB cards provide automated access through controlled doors. Deactivation of authorization is easy and will take just a few clicks in the security control interface. This makes it almost impossible to make a forced or unauthorized entry into the building premises.
  2. There have been instances when offices have lost resources because someone had forgotten to lock the door behind. These are small human errors which can cost the business a lot of money and credibility. Automatic access control systems can be programmed to lock and unlock automatically based on timers. Consequently, one doesn’t need to rely on security personnel for his safety.
  3. Access control systems can be programmed for restricted entry. While every employee of an organization can have access through the entry gate, access to certain rooms such as the server room should only be restricted to selected staff. Zone Control systems such as these provide additional safety to the offices and establish internal control.
  4. Access control systems also support attendance tracking, leaves and footfall records. This makes the auditing work and surveillance easier for the management and the human resource department. Automatic attendance record provided by modern access control systems should replace the traditional register book which can be easily doctored.
  5. Remote access to premises and selected areas of the office make it easier for the security department to establish control. Also, remote access plays an important role during emergencies like a fire breakout.
  6. Finally, security and safety of employees is of paramount importance to any business organization. Access control systems ensure that the employees get a safe and secure working environment at all levels.
Access control systems are being installed by organizations of all sizes and nature. In the modern marketplace, an excellent idea is all it takes to convert a startup into a million dollar business. Since the workstation is the place where all these innovative ideas are born, it is the responsibility of the management to keep it safe and secure. Access control systems are easy to install and require a small amount of investment. Once installed, they can support the office for a lifetime.

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