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Thinking of upgrading to IP based Door Access Control? Do it right away

Security and access control is a crucial issue at any workplace. Corporate offices are secure locations which are open only to employees and management, and often store sensitive information that need to be protected. Door access control systems are ubiquitous at most organizations and have been providing security to corporate environments for many years.

Recent developments in technology have resulted in the creation of IP based door access control systems, a new breed of access control systems that have major advantages over older, dates technologies and promise to bring a new measure of security coupled with added benefits to offices and corporate buildings. If you are thinking of upgrading your physical access control system and installing an IP based solution, do it immediately. Hutaib InfoTech Solutions supplies IP based solutions from leading manufacturers such as FingerTec. These systems present 100% security for your office/residential premises.

IP based Door Access Control Systems

IP based door access control systems use the power of internal networks to provide a range of valuable features. There are many benefits that you need to consider that your office can derive rich rewards from. Some of the important ones are highlighted below –

  • Data Protection – Current technology is dated in a way that leaves room for forgery. Forged identity cards are easy to create, allowing for security threats and loopholes. There is no implementation of data protection or encryption in older systems. IP based solutions, however, employ the use of encryption technology to protect access control data, leaving the system far less vulnerable to malicious attacks.The way a smart encrypted card is authenticated by an IP based door access control system involves not one, but multiple steps, arranged in a challenge and response technique. This makes it extremely difficult for anyone other than the intended personnel to gain entry, as these cards are difficult to replicate or forge, and even if an attempt is made, the system is built in a way so as to detect and reject those attempts.
  • Faster Alarm Response –Older technologies rely on multiple information routes for alarm systems and video surveillance, resulting in security loopholes. IP based solutions provide an integrated platform on which every different form of surveillance and alerts are combined and can be accessed at one go by registered personnel. For those patrolling corporate spaces, the work gets lessened considerably and alarms can be responded to faster.
  • Better Integration – IP based access control systems can work in tandem with IT and HR departments in a company, drawing on their existing databases whenever there is need for data retrieval. This eliminates the problem of data duplication in databases and saves the company the trouble of separately maintaining two or more databases. Integration also becomes easier on the hardware and installation front, as IP based solutions make use of structured cabling and power supplying hardware which makes installation an economical and easy process.

These pressing reasons should be enough incentive to convince you that you need to upgrade your existing system to IP based door access control systems by Hutaib InfoTech Solutions for your own office.

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