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DVR – A valuable CCTV component

CCTVs have emerged as a vital security measure in and around UAE. It prevents unwanted occurrence of burglary and provides peace of mind to users. With CCTVs around, maintaining proper law and order around an area throughout the day and night becomes very simplified. Add to it, the benefit of technologically advanced audio video capabilities and CCTVs come across as an all-round security solution that you should opt for immediately.

DVRs have emerged as a vital weapon in helping CCTV cameras flush out criminals and aid criminal investigations. With help of DVR, CCTVs monitoring can be recorded live and played back later. The superior quality coverage, high performance video quality and clear audio makes it a good means to nab culprits and assist in legal investigations. Well performing DVRs offer great functionality to CCTVs and a helpful hand in legal and judicial procedures for solving criminal cases.

DVRs in 4, 8 or 16 channels conserve storage and network resources and enable real time playback. Many cutting edge DVRs supplied by Hutaib Infotech are also compatible with iOS and Android devices. These functionalities allow you to stay on top of your security concerns and keep continuous surveillance on your residential and commercial premises.With advantages like remote backup, ease of use and hard drive storage, it helps CCTVs provide total security.

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