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How to Choose a Good Time Attendance System for Your Office

For any office, keeping track on employee attendance and entry and exit times is of great importance. Employee attendance records play a big role not only in deciding individual compensations and assessing attendance performance, they can also be a factor in determining the amount of work completed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and can have a crucial role during the time of company performance appraisal.

With newer, more efficient technologies ushering in a new era, more advanced time attendance systems like the ones available with Hutaib InfoTech Solutions are now available for the taking in the market. If you are looking to choose a good and effective time attendance system for your office, there are a few factors which you must consider. These factors, taken into account along with your particular requirements, should be a major consideration when you finally make your decision –

  • Number of Employees – The first consideration to make in this aspect is the number of employees in your organization. The number or volume of employees affects in direct proportion the complexity and difficulty in managing total and cumulative attendance records. For smaller volumes, basic time attendance systems may suffice.

    For larger employee volumes, however, there is need for far more advanced technology, like the solutions available with Hutaib InfoTech Solutions. What you need is a fully automated solution which can be supervised and monitored at all times, and can be seamlessly integrated into other business procedures which are affected by attendance, such as roster management and payroll management.

  • Number of Locations –For companies who have offices or work areas in multiple locations, managing attendance effectively become much more of a complicated process. To operate efficiently, an automated system with a centralized architecture can make a world of difference in this context. New systems have provisions for enforcing different rules for different locations and can be securely accessed from any location by authorized personnel.
  • Data Collection –Sophisticated systems leave you with a number of different options when it comes to operating time attendance systems. You can either use a kind of card swiping method, with RFID encrypted cards issued to employees. There can also be a system of online logging of entry and exit. The most secure method is to implement biometric scanning through facial recognition, voice recognition or fingerprint scanning. This is one of the most foolproof methods of effective time attendance.
  • Affordability – Acquiring, installing and maintaining a time attendance system is a large investment for any company. Depending on the technologies in use, you are looking at a significant one-time outlay of resources. In the end, the investment should be justified. Many newer models and solutions have support for features like cloud computing and decentralized operation, which helps bring down costs and might present you with a more affordable option of implementing time attendance at your workplace. The amount of technical knowhow and assistance required also determines installation and running costs, and you need to make sure that you have on hand a system which is cost-effective.

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