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Top reason why you should invest in TimeTec Cloud attendance system

Cloud computing is a big move from the conventional approach businesses thinking about IT assets. This advance technology has made various things possible behind the scene. The theory of this cloud technology is quite easy, data is accumulated in a distant sever and you can sign up your account anytime anywhere. The TimeTec Cloud also works on the same theory for the betterment of your business.

be effective. stay on cloud.
be effective. stay on cloud.

Keeping the track of time and attendance of employees is really important for every business and TimeTec Cloud can do it in a smart way. It can be connected with biometrics products to collect the details about attendance data from an organization.

After the data compilation, it is made accessible online for other operations. People, who are associated with the HR department of any company, can use the TimeTec Cloud to streamline various important jobs and calculations. This top-notch cloud system is designed with lots of amazing features that a company or HR may need. It offers value-added services keeping in mind exact needs of the clients.

If you are still confused on whether you should invest in TimeTec Cloud or not, we have compiled some reasons to choose this attendance system.

A Myriad Of Amazing Features – TimeTec Cloud is jam packed with amazing features to cater to all the needs of different business. Whether you are a company with permanent staff or an organization that often requires temporary staff as well, this attendance is designed for you. This modern system enables you to track the working hours and attendance time of each employee, regardless the shift timing while taking care of tea breaks and lunch, etc.

let us help you save time and money
let us help you save time and money

Amazing Biometric properties – No employee can cheat you in any way as this biometric attendance gadget that uses fingerprint to get attendance time. All the data including date, time and days are stored in a system. In compared to chip enabled card, it is more dependable and safe.

time-tec attendance system products
time-tec attendance system products

Smart Tracking System – Do you have some employees for field work? If yes, this attendance system facilitates you to track the location of your employees. You just need to ask your employees to have a mobile application on their mobile phones and you will able to know where your employees are and what they are doing. The TimeTec Mobile app is compatible for Android or iOS and Blackberry.

keep calm and be on time
keep calm and be on time

Easy Access to Data – Every company requires some data related to attendance time, working hours and more to carry out different calculations and make various important decisions. The TimeTec offers easy accessibility of data for analysis and processing of payroll and HR activities. You simply can’t do such as precision with traditional methods.

Easy on Pocket – Believe it or not, but this cloud based attendance system is actually inexpensive. You just need to spend 2 USD per person on a monthly basis to avail the benefits of this contemporary attendance system.

you've got to be kidding me!
you’ve got to be kidding me!

If you are running a business and want to manage the things proficiently, invest in this attendance system and get the most out of your employees.

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