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Smart Entrance Management Systems

Smart Entrance Management Systems

Types of Smart Entrance Management Systems

  • Flap Barrier
  • Swing Barrier
  • Tripod Turnstile (Half Heighted and Full Heighted)

SYSTEM Application

Protecting People, Assets and Securing a Smart Access

A Smart Entrance Management system are generally used to Allow or Block the access.

Vehicle barrier systems are generally installed on parking facilities, checkpoints and entrances in order to restrict areas and to control passage through toll booths.

Flap Barrier is designed to provide access control and complete security in the public passages. Flap Barrier is the automatic gates you will find on the stations, office entrances, airports and also in other many places.

Enterprise Managed Solution

Integrated Access Security System that constantly monitors all the equipment and connected sub-systems and allows remote configuration thus avoiding expensive interventions on site. The system automatically applies the best intervention rules based on the type of situation that occurs.

Manages an unlimited number of companies, branches and users and guarantees total confidentiality of data. Access to software and all internal information is protected tracing all the operations carried out by operators with audit trails.  Strict visibility rules to guarantee confidentiality and privacy, abiding to rigorous industry standards.


  • Versatile
  • Simple: The WEB interface allows functions to be personalized according to the type of operator.
  • Secure: It constantly keeps all managed systems under control, allowing automatic reactions to specific events.
  • Precise: Updated situation on employees and visitors inside the company in real time.
  • It provides information by email, SMS or APP.
  • Integrated and customizable: The various Modules allow integration with third-party software and hardware.
Enterprise Managed Solution

Solution Features

  • Heavy Duty
  • Two-way movement
  • LED Direction Indicators at Each side
  • Integration Support with any RFID/Biometric
  • IP Protection Rating
  • Easily deployed at Lift Lobbies, Offices, Gyms/Health clubs & Public places
  • Secure areas inside open offices
  • High quality stainless steel. Stainless steel meets the AISI304 standard.
  • Normal and Disabled models meeting Regulatory standards.
  • Integration with third party Access Control systems and support Facial, Biometric and Cards.
  • Quicker passage speed up to 40 persons/minute.High throughput at 30 – 40 persons per minute.
  • Prevents unauthorized access through integrated sensors & alarms
  • Highest safety standards assuring zero causalities.Anti-crash swing panel.
  • Impeccable Quality & Security standards
  • Designed and manufactured by Best-in-class quality and the highest efficiency
  • Anti-crash protection with 1.5 mm stainless steel
  • Guaranteed 5 million gate swings
  • 6/14 pairs of IR Detectors
  • Flexible options with customizable width and number of passages
  • Immediate response (less than 0.5 seconds)

Easily interfaced with Third party systems

Solution Features

Product Details & Technical Specifications

Hutaib Smart Entrance Management Systems Advantage

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