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Bring Out the Best of Fingerprint Security with Biometric Prowess

Your business is exposed daily to an array of unscrupulous characters trying their best to steal from your premises or carry out some form of mischief or other. While you cannot be present 24 X 7 to personally prevent any unauthorized intrusion, you can take help of technology to serve this need amazingly well.

If you think you are immune from such threats or don’t take it seriously then that would be at your own peril. According to a survey, almost one-third of all break-ins were without force, thus signifying the involvement of an insider in the crime. Thus, you not only have to be wary of external threats but also monitor internal employees and staff to keep your premises safe and secure at all times.  In this uncertain situation it will be best to take preventive action rather than be sorry after an incident has actually taken place.

What are your options?

While standard issue locks and keys and card based entrance systems are routine, technology has evolved tremendously over the last few years to bring about exceptional level of security and surveillance solutions. The products and services supplied by Hutaib Infotech Solutions are prime examples of how smart security solutions can be deployed at our premises to give an unmatched level of peace of mind.  These solutions go beyond traditional lock and keys and provide a much higher degree of security for your loved ones or office assets.

Biometrics – A Viable and Highly Effective Option

Get ahead of these old systems with Hutaib’s Biometrics solutions. The key USP of the system is the uniqueness of every person’s fingerprints that facilitates precision based security and access control. It has been scientifically proven that no two sets of fingerprints are the same. Hence various biometrics systems such as fingerprints, retinal scan, facial recognition or palm prints, provide an unmatched value in the field of high quality security systems.

Its working is pretty ingenious. It stores all ridges and valleys of a fingerprint as a distinct algorithm. This can be later used as a reference point to determine whether access has to be provided to a particular person flashing his / her thumb at the scanner. What’s more, these scans are recorded with their digital images and timestamps to determine exactly who tried to gain unauthorized access to your business premises.

FingerTec R3 is Hutaib’s latest offering in superior grade biometric system meant exclusively for your home or office. With intelligent scanning and more than 2500 templates stored in its memory, it can ensure total protection of your premises from unwanted intrusion day in and day out. It can be easily integrated with your existing door systems without any need for hardware or architectural upgrades to your premises.

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