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Wisemeet Meeting Room Management Solution

Wisemeet Meeting Room Management Solution
No. Code/Image Product description
1 WiseApp
WiseMeetings Premium Central Application

  • Meeting Room Booking & Management Software
  • Cloud Hosting over Azure
  • MS Outlook Integration; Refreshment, IT Support & Minutes of Meeting Automation;
  • Comprehensive Support & Licensing for Meetings Rooms
2 WiseScreen
Wise Meeting Room Display Screen

  • 10 Inch Screen with Capacitive Touch with Anti-Fingerprint Treatment
  • Works with both POE or Wi-Fi
  • Built in Ambient Light Sensor
  • Both Standard or Glass walls Mountable
  • 3-Way Light Aura to make room status visible from a distance.
  • Open API for Third-party Integration
  • Remote Management
3 WiseTimer
Wise Meeting Room Timer App and Display Device

  • 3.5-inch display device
  • For each room to show a countdown of minutes remaining for the booked meeting.
  • It turns from green to amber and then red to easily indicate to the meeting host that they either need to extend the booking or end the meeting soon.
  • 3-Way light to update meeting status visible from a distance.
4 ServiceONE
Hutaib Professional Services
Supply, Installation, Configuration and Support of,

  • Devices
  • Software
  • Configuration Settings, Setup & Support
  • Testing, Commissioning & Knowledge Sharing

Solution Overview

This document outlines the features and benefits of our flagship product WiseMeetings, a comprehensive Meeting Room Management Solution. Apart from this, the document also provides installation options, commercial details and support provisions of the product.

WiseApp brings to you WiseMeetings, a collection of smart software solutions to make workplace management a breeze. With thoughtfully designed features backed by future-proof technology, Wise Meetings helps you experience a true digital workplace.

  • Web-based and intuitive Meeting Room Scheduling and Booking Solution
    • to streamline entire meeting reservation process. Eliminate paperwork, lost booking or conflict bookings. All your meeting room bookings, hospitality, resources and visitors are handled in one application, making it easier for everyone.
  • Meeting Room Booking
    • Helps you Track and Manage your meeting rooms at your fingertips
    • Show room availability at a glance and let users make bookings quickly and easily
    • Let’s you easily see room at multiple locations, ideal for booking video conferences and allows making complex multi-endpoint bookings in a few simple steps.
    • Room booking supports both managed bookings- where users submit a request and self-serve booking- where users can make their own booking.
  • Resource / Equipment Booking
    • Get better visibility on resources required for day-to-day meetings
    • Setup various resources or equipment’s and assign it to various meetings rooms or locations
    • Ability to see resource availability by meeting rooms
    • Configure business process for Resource booking so that you can eliminate duplicate bookings of equipment’s.
  • Service and Hospitality Booking
    • Manage rooms and catering in one seamless process and from one central point
    • Allows users to directly book the services instead of doing it manually
    • Different items can be booked over the day as they are required and available, providing maximum use of resources and time
    • Clearly view the status of catering and service orders along with the other information
  • Additional Features
    • A full library of reports to closely monitor room utilization, resource usage, user activity
    • Control and centralize booking processes and procedures
    • Configurable workflows to eliminate booking conflicts
    • Automatic Notification and Reminders to reduce delays or No-shows
    • Ability to create repeat booking with ease.
    • Integration with Visitor Management Software
    • Connect with Outlook Mail
    • Book Online
    • Keep Data Secured and Stored
    • Use Mobile App

Meeting Room Booking Journey

booking journey

Meeting Room Timer Flow

WiseMeetings Ecosystem & Key Product Components

Wise Meetings Web Application:
This is the primary interface for the Employees and Admins. This module helps Admins to define and configure the meeting rooms, setup user roles and access controls, view and analyze meeting room usage and many more. It also helps the employees to check availability of the meeting rooms for a specific date and time and book the rooms. Employees can search, book, cancel, postpose and extend their bookings from this module. Moreover, features like Minutes Recording, IT Support Request, Room Refreshments shall be triggered by Meeting host using our solution itself.

Wise Tablets:

These are 10-inch Tablet Devices which will be attached outside each meeting room. The tablets will display real time status about the meeting room. It also provides a facility to quickly book the room from the tablet itself.

Wise Mobile App:

This is a self-service mobile app for the employees. They can download this app from iOS or Android store and use it to book a room on the go. The mobile app also helps to view their bookings, edit cancel or extend the booking.

Wise Timer Device & App:

This is a small but useful app that runs on a 3.5-inch display device. Kept in each room, this app starts showing a countdown of minutes remaining for the booked meeting. It also turns from green initially to amber and then red to easily indicate to the meeting host that they either need to extend the booking or end the meeting soon.

Integration with Third-Party Systems

Wise Meetings easily integrates with Office365 and Active Directory. Your organization users will be automatically added to WiseApp and use their existing AD credentials. Similarly, we can sync the meetings booked in WiseApp with employee’s calendar in Outlook with our Office365 integration. For both the above, you will need to provide us necessary access. As WiseApp platform is based on RESTful API, it can easily integrate with a variety of other applications.

Technical Architecture

The following are the components depicted in the solution diagram below:

  • Web services & Web User Interface Application will be hosted on Microsoft IIS server. The application will be HTTPS enabled as per customer security requirements.
  • The Room Display Unit is a mobile app running on Android tablet.
  • Employees can use Wise Meetings mobile app or the web app to create Invites.
  • The Web User Interface Layer (Client layer) i.e. web application is developed with Angular, bootstrap, HTML5.
  • The Web Services layer is built on .NET Core Web API which contains business layer and Data Access layer.
  • The Authentication Layer is built using Oath Framework which is used for login, log out and Password Management.
  • The Authentication Layer can be linked to Active Directory (AD) integration service component, which relates to Customer active directory.
  • The Wise Meetings can be seamlessly connected to Microsoft Outlook via Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange Server using Outlook Integration Service Component.
  • MSSQL database will hold authentication and application data.

WiseMeet Product View

Installation / Deployment Options

  • Cloud Version:
    • You can access WiseApp as a web-based application, it can be accessed from any computer or mobile device that have an internet browser.
    • Database and Software will be in our Data Center or on Cloud.
    • You will be provided a URL which you can use to access WiseApp
    • You can access WiseApp as a web-based application (website), you do not need to maintain any server or device.
    • The application and database will be hosted on the Cloud.
  • Your Data on the Cloud:
    • Your data is secure, safe and is geographically located in the Microsoft Azure Cloud (physically located in Western Europe (Netherlands) and Southeast Asia (Singapore) Data Centers.
    • This is an ISO-IEC-27001:2014, CSA (Cloud Security Alliance) and many more certifications. More information can be found at https://servicetrust.microsoft.com/Documents/ComplianceReports
  • How do we protect your Data?
    • Data at Rest: Data in the database server is encrypted while at rest. Data is decrypted when we need it and changed data is automatically encrypted again on the fly.
    • Data in transmission: When data is accessed through the web browser or mobile it travels on a secure SSL channel meaning it is encrypted between the mobile or pc you access to the server directly.
    • Data between servers: All data transfers between our infrastructure and database servers is transferred through encrypted VPN tunnels.
  • Automatic back-up and recovery (optional at additional cost)
    • A daily back-up of all your data can copied over to another server in another location. This means that in case of any disaster or issue, there is no data loss and the application can be deployed again from the last back-up with minimal or no loss of data.