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What does Ultra High Definition Mean?
UHD or 4K comes from 4K2, a reference to the UHD video stream of 3840 x 2160 pixels (approximately 4K x 2k pixels). It is 4 times the resolution of Full HD and is 8 Megapixels instead of 2 Megapixels.

Will the frame rate (frames per second) be reduced when using 4k
No, the full frame rate of 30 frames per second (30 fps) is available, although most control systems allow the frame rate to be specified at lower rates to help with transmission and storage.

Will the needed bandwidth become much higher for UHD videos?
Yes, the bandwidth demands will increase, but this is becoming less important due to developments in video data compression technology. Currently H.264 compression is most commonly used for Full HD video compression.

Latest IP cameras provider like Grundig also feature ‘High Profile’ compression, which is more efficient at reducing bandwidth. H.265 offers twice the compression of H.264 and is due to be released soon.

Are 4K Network-Cameras less light-sensitive than conventional full HD cameras?
Although low light sensitivity reduces with 4K sensors, IP Video Surveillance manufacturer like Grundig uses exceptionally sensitive 4K sensors to get the best possible results in low light conditions.

For night-time surveillance, Grundig also uses ‘High Power IR LEDs’. Scene illumination is further and wider than standard LEDs, matching the increased scene coverage and range of 4K surveillance cameras.

Are the Cameras also available in weather-proof casings?
Grundig offers 4K cameras in different housing styles including Box, Bullet and Fixed Dome. Each option is available with infrared LEDs and infra-red lenses.

Is it difficult to adjust image sharpness at a high resolution?
Correct focus and set up can be a problem with 4K cameras.

Grundig overcomes this issue by offering Auto-Focus Technology (AFT) and motorized zoom lenses to allow remote set up of cameras over the internet.

Grundig 4K cameras have a test monitor connection for installers to view the camera image and verify the correct camera configuration.

There are currently very few 4K monitors available, specifically for video surveillance, so is UHD worth having?
Grundig already offers 4K TVs and 4K security monitors will be available shortly.
However, 4K systems are more commonly used in forensic searching where the 8MP video is examined retrospectively, so display resolution is not as important.

The large amount of data within each image and its wide scene coverage ensures that no evidence is missed. The camera’s electronic zoom functionality then allows the operator to examine the video and provide detailed coverage of events.

Many VMS platforms and control systems will record the 4K stream, but use lower resolution sub streams for display, optimized for the resolution of the monitor.
Grundig 4K cameras produce up to four, ONVIF compatible video streams for this purpose.

Are recording devices for 4K already available?
Yes, network recorders for 4K recording with 8, 16 and 24+ channels.
Most 4K network cameras are ONVIF compatible and operate with most leading video management solutions.

Is it possible to view 4K Videos on smart phones or tablets?
Yes, this is possible, but tablets and smartphones do not offer 4K resolution displays, so will only allow lower resolution viewing. Tablets and smartphones can be used for detailed viewing in live and search modes.

For more information on best available 4K Video Surveillance Solutions, please contact Hutaib InfoTech Solutions at info@hutaibinfotech.com / www.securitysolutionsdubai.com.

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