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Retail Security Solutions

The retail sector will face a unique and complex set of security requirements in 2016. In order to get the most out of your asset and loss prevention investment next year, it’s important to address these requirements head on.

The four key security areas that will shape the retail space in 2016.

  • Future-proofing with High Definition (HD): Cover more area with fewer cameras to maximize your investments while keeping shoppers safe and secure.
  • Business intelligence tools: Leverage an open system and integrate it with retail video analytics and POS technologies, to gain insight into shopping patterns and consumer data.
  • Subtle security: Learn about discreet surveillance options that can provide better coverage at a lower price point.
  • Multi-site management: Implement a multi-site architecture, using a range of powerful yet compact cutting-edge appliances, to manage every store from a single location.

For more information on Retail Security Solutions for your Business, please contact Hutaib InfoTech Solutions atinfo@hutaibinfotech.com / www.securitysolutionsdubai.com. Our experts will walk you through the Solutions to arm you with the knowledge and best practices to keep you ahead of the curve.

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