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Role of CCTVs in banks

Banks need continuous surveillance to prevent losses from burglary and thefts. IT also needs CCTV to keep a close watch on the proceedings inside the bank and locker room premises. With presence of CCTVs, bank employees can be effectively monitored round the clock for suspicious activity or malpractices. Banks are one the key business establishments where CCTVs shows its full potential. It not only keeps the bank protected from external vandals, but also maintains discipline within the premises.

Even in case of thefts and embezzlement, law enforcement can rely on CCTV footage to gain vital clues about the source of these illegal activities. The clear video and crisp audio helps to know who committed the crime in bank.

Hutaib specializes in both wired and wireless cameras to secure your bank premises. They have a wide coverage, superior performance and ensure high volume of storage and ease of access.  With user friendly interface, storing, retrieving, accessing and sharing of footage becomes very easy.

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