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Strengthen your Surveillance with CCTV

A high performing CCTV camera acts like an additional pair of eyes. The owner of a shop, the ATM Machine of a renowned bank, a secure office chamber, all these can be protected by having these surveillance cameras installed. Where manual security guards and security checks fail to provide the toughest security measures, the CCTV cameras promise round-the-clock safety without any failure.

An introduction to CCTV

CCTV or Closed Circuit Television are a closed circuit comprising a camera, a recorder and a monitor device. The equipment are linked together to provide the live or recorded images, video and sometimes sound from the area under observation. For example, the camera placed on the ceiling of a bank’s ATM chamber transmits the live images to the connectedmonitor. So, the live or recorded videos can be monitored by a security personnel sitting in front of the monitor, laptop or phone. The recorded videos can be seen if the camera is connected with a video recorder too. The scenes can be watched as per the convenience of the owner.

What types of CCTV are ideal?

The security systems market in the UAE itself is filled with varied branded as well as low cost CCTV options. The central areas of UAE including Riyadh, Jeddah, Mecca and Medina are considered the largest revenue generators for CCTV market over here. The security systems and CCTV cameras market is expected to grow around 23% according to the ‘Saudi Arabia CCTV Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2019’. The IP based cameras are now preferred over the popular analogue signal based cameras in the Saudi Arabia market.

Vital features needed in CCTV system

The low cost CCTV cameras provide a fixed zoom and fixed view of the area in which these are installed. There is no option of adjustment in the focus or direction, making these appropriate for installation in small rooms or small shops where constant light or brightness is available at all times. The adjustable cameras with automatic zoom lenses make adjustment in the focus easier and are best for recording videos in busy places, like shops, shopping malls, banks, educational institutions and government offices. Cameras with auto iris adjustment provide the ease of adjusting to brightness for best picture every time there is a change in the brightness of the area on surveillance. All cameras where automatic zoom and iris adjustment is available are sold at higher rates. The cameras with manual zoom control are less costly than these automatic cameras.

In hotel industry, the closed circuit TV is used for transmitting the live or recorded videos within the hotel premises.The sports institutions and large stadiums always have large CCTVs watching over the curious crowds during the high end one day matches and cricket leagues. The CCTV also provides a quick view of the busy road traffic to the traffic police department which helps them to respond right away during critical scenarios. Overall, the instances of violence, burglary and robbery can be effectively mitigated when the premises is protected under a trusted CCTV surveillance system.

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