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8 Top Reasons Why You Should Choose TA500 Fingerprint Attendance for your Office Attendance

For the business owner, time is equally equivalent to money. Managing and supervising the time attendance of employees is a one of the biggest challenges for a business owner.  It is sad, but true that many startups and grown up companies invest a lot on grabbing the attention of new clients and maintain good relationship with the existing clients, but they often overlook the importance and requirement of attendance system. The majority of business owners regularly avoid the losses that are caused by a hopeless attendance system.

It is a fact that with technologically advanced systems, the productivity, work culture and the methods to carry out business operations have been transformed. However, an ineffective attendance system can lead to an extra expense on the payroll. To cut down the expenses and take the most out of your employees, you must be solicitous. You don’t need to waste valuable resources of your company in an efficient attendance system when the things can be handled efficiently with a smart automated biometric time attendance system. This kind of systems provides exact and punctual report about all the employees. Isn’t it a great asset for your business?

Managing attendance system manually is quite complicated and there are chances of inaccuracy and fraudulent details. Automated TA500 Fingerprint Time Attendance system is a smart choice to avoid various headaches and get peace of mind. If you are still confused on whether you should opt for your company or not, here are some reasons that can convince you to select TA500 Fingerprint Attendance.

FingerTec TA500, the perfect fingerprint time attendance device for you!
FingerTec TA500, the perfect fingerprint time attendance device for you!

Appropriate for all businesses – FingerTec TA500 device is appropriate for almost every company, regardless its size and nature of business. Based on biometric technology, this system can promptly and simply sign up about 2000 fingerprint templates and 80,000 operation logs all in one device with its flare recollection potentials.

3 Steps Verification – It is designed with 3 step verification technique that includes fingerprint verification functionality, RFID card and password confirmation. This premium verification technique ensures that you get ultimate security. In addition, it offers genuine and error-free data.

Top-notch Biometric solution – FingerTec TA500 device is equipped with BioBridge VX10.0 algorithm and a non-coated visual scanner, which authenticates and matches fingerprints of a person within no time.

Adaptable – This advanced attendance system can be customized according to your needs and requirements. The language of the system can be changed with ease as per your convenience. You just need to opt for a suitable display and choose a language from the menu. It supports over 12 international languages.

Within Your Means – Though it is an advance and efficient device, but it is available at quite affordable prices. You don’t need to spend a fortune to get FingerTec TA500 for your business.

Flexibility – FingerTec TA500 is outfitted with an internal battery that enables you to carry it anywhere without any issue. There is no need to install any software or driver separately. Once you plug the device, it will configure the settings by its own.

Conservational – By using FingerTec TA500, you can contribute a bit in saving paper. Unlike other traditional systems, it does not need any paper or card to manage the attendances of employees. Avoid the wastage of resources and headache of paper handling with this smart time attendance management.

Trouble-free data Management – To carry out various human resource operations, you may need various kinds of report based on accurate and real-time data. FingerTec TA500 enables you to generate various kinds of reports without any difficulty.

Managing time and tracking the record of employees’ attendance manually is a wearisome and time consuming activity. It often leads to inaccurate and fake data along with cost to an organization. At times, some silly human mistakes can prove expensive in the long run. When your aim is to track the time and attendance of employees and keep an eye on productivity, opt for FingerTec TA500. You actually don’t need to be worried about the expense as it is affordable and easy to use. Unlike other conventional systems, this cutting-edge device offers a range of features that can transform your time and attendance management details into an approach for employees’ performance enhancement.

Opt for FingerTec TA500 automated biometric time attendance device and focus on other important things for the development of your business. To get detailed information about this device, contact us.

For more information on TA500 Fingerprint Attendance, please contact Hutaib InfoTech Solutions at Our experts will walk you through the Products and Solutions to keep you ahead of the curve.

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