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Know the Reality Behind 7 Most Common Time and Attendance Myths

The history of systems used to track and scrutinize the time and attendance of employees is quite extensive. However, all the employers and companies still don’t understand the actual importance and worth of employees’ time and attendance. Many companies don’t use any kind of system to track the record of employees as they believe it is nothing, but an extra expense. They do this job manually and rely on manually prepared data only for further operations.

Despite of many satisfied users, there are lots of employers don’t track the record of employee’s time and attendance. Let’s have a look on the most common misunderstandings or myths and discover the reality.

Biometrics machine like TA500 is not intrusive and can record attendance in less than 2 seconds
Biometrics machine like TA500 is not intrusive and can record attendance in less than 2 seconds

Myth # 1 – Time attendance is not a right choice for small companies

Facts – Many startups and small companies believe that the time attendance system is not necessary for them as they can easily track the record of their employees. Usually, when there are limited numbers of employees in a company, employer trusts them. No matter how nice your staff members are, they may cheat you. For the growth and productivity of a small company, contribution of every employee is must. But, if an employee is late on a daily basis, it will affect the productivity and ultimately your profit. So, the size of your company does not matter. It is always beneficial to use an advanced time attendance system.

Myth # 2 – Conventional time clock is the best pick

Facts – Though the industry witnesses new advancements and innovations in time attendance systems on a frequent basis, but many people believe time clocks can do the similar job. But, is it really true? Well, absolutely no. When you are using a conventional clock, you need someone to notice and note the entry and exit time of every employee. When the data is managed manually, there are high chances of errors and inaccuracy in the details. Also, it is possible that all your employees will cheat you with wrong entry and records. Even if you are using any card system, it is possible that your employees switch the cards for wrong entry of time and attendance. All in all, it is not feasible to get what you are seeking for with a time clock. So, it is definitely a right choice for you.

Cut unnecessary costs and errors that eat a hole into your company's bottom line.
Cut unnecessary costs and errors that eat a hole into your company’s bottom line.

Myth # 3 – Compliance can be accomplished effortlessly without Time and Attendance Systems

Facts – You may have some dedicated employees, but you should not miscalculate the significance of compliance. Labor law compliances are quite complex to understand and the risk of non-compliance can be proved an expensive affair. Compliance is if you abide by labor and employment law. A time and attendance system can help you to deal with such situation and avoid any expensive complaint.

Myth # 4 – Time and Attendance disturb the employees

Facts – Time and attendance system can disturb the employees as no one wants to get monitored. But, the fact is there is nothing illegal or immoral to use such a system. Every company has a right to do the needful for the betterment of the company. A top-notch time and attendance system can provide you accurate and genuine data that will help you to carry out various important decisions. Believe us, if your employees are honest towards your company and their jobs, they will welcome this move.

Myth # 5 – Time Attendance is only good for shift workers

Facts – Time and attendance system works automatically and can be customized according to the needs of the employer. It your employees come in different shifts, it is the best choice to track their records. You don’t need someone to monitor the employees on all shifts; you can trust a biometric system to get detailed and accurate details of each employee.

Myth # 6 – Time Attendance doesn’t generate ROI

Every employee is just like an asset for a business and contributes a bit to improve the profit. If you are paying for an employee, he or she has to return something to you. But, when an employee is not doing what he/she has to do because of late comings and unnecessary breaks, etc. it will lead to extra expense for you. An attendance system enables you to calculate the working hours of the employees. With such a system, you can make a difference in your ROI.

Myth # 7 – Automated Time Attendance is an extra expense

An automated system is not an expense, but an investment that can help you to get several benefits. It enables you to save time and resources. Invest in an automatic, top-notch system now.

When your employees know that they are monitored with an attendance system, they take care of the time and do their level best to maintain a good record. Also, it allows you to get accurate data that helps you to carry out various important operations with ease.

It’s time to bust through these common myths and invest in a biometric time and attendance system.

See the big picture and make the right investment in an effective Time Attendance solution.
See the big picture and make the right investment in an effective Time Attendance solution.
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Interesting article. Time and attendance is now being used by almost all the big and small companies to manage their employees.

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