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Hutaib InfoTech Solutions Wins the Elite Certificate of Appreciation for CCTV Video Surveillance


Hutaib Infotech Solutions is an emerging leader in the field of ICT, networking, access control, and surveillance. It has proven capabilities in this niche domain with help of cutting edge services, supplies and solutions. The company’s credibility is strengthened by the various merits and recognition it has garnered over the last few years. It recently added another feather in its cap, when it was conferred a recognition at the prestigious INTERSEC conference in January 2016.

Hutaib InfoTech Solutions wins accolades at elite event

The INTERSEC event is by far the biggest security and safety trade fair and exhibition in the world today. It is held in high esteem by industry veterans for its immense popularity and the tremendous networking potential it offers to businesses in this domain.

Hutaib InfoTech Solutions was recognized for its exceptional Solutions and Performance delivery for the fiscal year 2015-16 by WatchNET International, a leading Canada based manufacturer/supplier of quality video and surveillance solutions. The award signifies the immense value added projects Hutaib InfoTech Solutions has carried out for WatchNET in the field of high quality modern day CCTV Video Surveillance for the entire year.

With more than 31000 visitors and more than 1250 exhibitions, the INTERSEC event provides a tremendous brand visibility. By winning the recognition at this exclusive event, it ensures an indelible impression of Hutaib InfoTech Solutions on prospective customers and existing accounts.

If you too want to connect with Hutaib InfoTech Solutions for high caliber solutions in Video Surveillance, Access Control, IP Telephony and Wireless Networking, then connect with us here.

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