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Understand Sick Leaves Policy through the Comprehensive Attendance System

I am extremely blessed to have watched these “I’m going to get ill soon” practices from the kindred staff throughout many years. Some jump at the chance to hack thoroughly, some sniff noisily, some put on a show to clean out nose utilizing bunch of tissues and a large number of these practices occurred on Thursday as they take sick leaves, ideally recognizable by different associates. Not like that I assert all who phoned in deliberately on Thursday and Sundays faked it, yet I am not wrong to accept some did. The individuals who don’t get my point of view, those are the signs to legitimize their free day on Thursday. Absentism on Sundays are additionally as standard as Thursday, but not more frequently. In some cases we ponder whether these non-attendances were bonafide or they essentially referred to worthy reasons like restorative, individual or family matter to fake a true blue nonappearance.

Basically, non-attendances on Sundays and Thursday will give a non-attendant a 3 day end of the week by sick leaves. Request on those unlucky deficiencies from the chiefs must be completed gently. Be that as it may, there are some steps that can help to limit these preventable non-attendances before it affects adversely on the organization’s operation.

Whatever be the size of the company, a written and well-drafted employee attendance policy is must. Although some companies offer flexibility for their clients, but at times these flexibilities can turn become opportunities for the employees of an organization. Hence, the entire company’s discipline can get adversely affected.

A few pointers while setting up the attendance policy of the employee is to incorporate the working days and working hours. Determine when is the organization’s workdays? the holidays, working hours for all representatives, what are the special cases, ddoes your organization offer different breaks to do rest? what’s the length for each? how the participation information will be gathered, What’s the get in and out methodology?

The staff has to comprehend what the organization implies by coming late to office. Detail must be in the organization participation strategy. Does the organization give support zone? On the off chance that yes, what’s the length? Say for instance, the work hours begin at 9:00 AM, and the buffer time period is of 15 minutes. At the point when a worker signs in for work at 9:13 AM, he will in any case be taken as on time. Just when he lands at 9:16 will he be taken as late for work. Every one of these strategies must be expressed plainly and comprehended by all workers who take sick leaves.

An organization, whatever is the size, needs to clearly mention about the holidays as well as the leave benefits. Clear depiction of paid or unpaid leaves specially what qualifies a representative to take what is the reason to take leave should be clarified. At the point when might the medicinal testament be given to HR? So, what kind of facility is satisfactory? Does the employee have to the option to call in sick and get rest at home? Which holidays are considered approved by the company and whether all these occasions are paid or can be unpaid should likewise be clarified to avoid any further confusion.

Leave type can be defined in TimeTec Cloud
Leave type can be defined in TimeTec Cloud
Once defined, the leaves can be edited later on
Once defined, the leaves can be edited later on

Once characterized, the sick leave can be altered later on

Detailing the attendance policy is very important for a company and equally is to pay attention to the entire process for employee violation in case of attendance policies. In this case, you can detail the steps to be taken for protection of your organization by racism and discrimination.

For instance, a notice letter must be issued if a staff is missing without a substantial reason should be issued on the off chance that it happened in between 6 months of joining, something to that effect.

Each employee's time settings can be defined in TimeTec Cloud.
Each employee’s time settings can be defined in TimeTec Cloud.

Every representative’s opportunity settings can be characterized in TimeTec Cloud

Having this strategy set up, it’s good to have a participation framework that can work in view of the arrangement for smooth operation in an organization. In the TimeTec Cloud, client can characterize the participation approach of the organization to coordinate with the attendance system of the company. Enter in a day sorts, leave sorts, timing plan and numerous other participation elements to suit as to draw a composed strategy. For instance, once the guidelines for lateness are set, the Tardiness Report produced will give the organization a proper thought regarding the delay issue in the organization and which zone or work force that requires change or maybe, delay is never been an issue that the organization needs to stress over.

Characterize staff participation effectively on TimeTec Cloud

By and large, adjusting attendance approach with a proper attendance system such as TimeTec Cloud software will ensure that the information gotten from the attendance system is valuable since it’s been lined up with the existing policy. Furthermore, another favorable position, TimeTec Cloud can give warning letters for use.

Define staff attendance easily on TimeTec Cloud
Define staff attendance easily on TimeTec Cloud


Sick leaves are one of the ways employees use to sneak out from weekdays and enjoy holidays but not now as we have TimeTec software on the board, employers will come to know which employee has used how many sick leaves and help to generate warning letter.

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