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3 Ways Access Control and HD Video Surveillance Complement Each Other

When it comes to security solutions and surveillance, there is no one-stop solution to all requirements. Security needs are different for different places and situations, and what you need to find is a nice and balanced way to use different security systems to achieve the desired results. Not only do different systems have their own pros and cons, their field of usability might also be considerably different. This helps in giving you no option but to pair and complement various systems to meet your specific needs.

If you have a situation which merits the use of emergency alarms, there is no way you can circumvent that need by using other methods. Likewise, there are certain situations which call both for active surveillance and access restriction. In many scenarios, access control and video surveillance can form a perfect foil for each other, taking care of the bulk of your security needs. These security measures complement each other perfectly, and can be used together to achieve airtight security.

Access Control and Video Surveillance

Access control represents a security system which controls or restricts access to a certain space or building. Video surveillance gives you a great way of monitoring happenings in real time and recording video feed for later use. This can be achieved through the use of security cameras, recording equipment and monitors. Together, they can present any organization with superb security and it is no wonder that in many places, they are actually used in conjunction.

Airport, important firms, office buildings, banks and government offices routinely use a judicious combination of access control and video surveillance to take care of their security needs. Here are a few reasons why they go hand in hand, and can form the perfect duo of security systems for your needs –

  • Prevention of Tailgating – Tailgating is a phenomenon that all security officials dread. Tailgating happens when someone follows authorized personnel closely to gain entry to a restricted area. This has the potential to become a major security issue. When access control is paired with HD video surveillance, there are two distinct levels of identification that one needs to pass to gain entry. This enables you to prevent tailgating incidents from ever happening.
  • Verification by Video – If you want to prevent impersonation, misuse of credentials and similar offences, it is good to have video surveillance in addition to access control in your establishment. This way, the access control forms one entry barrier while deployed security personnel can visually check and ensure that the correct person is using the access control credentials. This makes it easy to confirm an ID and allow entry only to the right people.
  • Integration – Modern, advanced systems have started integrating access control and video surveillance systems into comprehensive units. Now, you can manage both realms of security from one hub, allowing you to instantly call up access times along with the relevant video surveillance data. The process of viewing, managing and verifying access control records and video surveillance data can therefore become much more smooth and efficient.

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