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Low Quality Security Cameras under Scrutiny

UAE in general and Dubai in particular, have emerged as major consumers of security cameras and surveillance equipment due to increasing affluence. With around 40000 cameras deployed across major commercial establishments and offices in and around Dubai, the demand for security is met by these equipment. However with increasing demand, the quality and standard of CCTV equipment has met with intense scrutiny. This is due to the second rate and inferior quality CCTVs prevalent in the market today.

UAE is taking no chances to protect its residents and merchants from untoward robberies and suspicious activities. Since 2012, the police regulation makes it mandatory for all buildings to have security cameras installed. The police’s objective is to expand coverage to the entire city with help of state of the art CCTV cameras equipped with artificial intelligence. With this surge in demand however there are more instances of dubious sellers that offer low quality security cameras at a lower price. The downside of this is that they aren’t as effective as branded genuine CCTV systems.

As corroborated by many CCTV camera suppliers and parts providers, the market is filled with people who want to make a quick buck out of gullible people. They sell low quality products that fails with its job of protecting the lives of your loved ones. Literally hundreds of shops promise real time extended monitoring of your premises with so-called’ top quality’ CCTV systems. In addition, there are scores of dubious ‘technicians’ who promise to install and fix these shifty looking equipment. They may be here today, there tomorrow, and vanish eventually.

CCTV systems utility can never be undermined. It also helps thwart notorious elements from their devious intentions. It also offers valuable protection to jewel stores, malls, money exchangers, petrol stations and banks.

Experts conclude that obtaining permits, installation of genuine CCTVs is a dearer proposition. The situation calls for much more detailed scrutiny and regularization of CCTV cameras. With lives, reputation and assets at stake, it just doesn’t make any sense saving a few dollars by preferring substandard equipment over a good quality CCTV system.

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