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Ensuring security – industry awareness a priority

The security market has been seeing several changes over the past few years, almost on an frequent basis, but over the past few quarters, these changes have been even-more evident. The industry has evolved from its initial days to be more open and inclusive, allowing more companies and customers, and in effect encouraging competition.

Some industry players are of the opinion that although the market appears to have developed, it has not occurred in tandem with improvements to product and service quality. In most cases, market growth and quality of service are not coordinated. You have to agree that quality of service is very important in each type of business, especially in security.

Although the market has grown to become more open, there is both good and bad competition. Industry players have been forced to work extremely hard to make sure they survive the pressure and maintain profit.

Further to attribute this lack of awareness as one of the major factors hurting the industry. Generally, there are a lot of new people in security with low level of knowledge and this is the concern for security business, for suppliers and distributors.

In short, ensuring proper awareness among customers has become a matter of utmost priority for industry players. The only way to bridge this gap is continuous education of installers and end users through seminars, workshops, product demonstrations and feature comparison.

Such efforts could be having an effect in ensuring quality and competitiveness. But it remains to be seen how the market conditions would turn out in the future.

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