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CCTV Cameras are not Generic and Time is Money

Have you ever purchased the generic supermarket brand Cola instead of Coke or Pepsi? I haven’t, because I can’t trust the supply source. Who knows where it’s actually made and what kind of ingredients they use, or what level of quality control they have in place. Could they possibly be doing something better than the industry leaders? I can’t confirm, but I highly doubt it and I’d rather not take the risk.

Perplexingly, there seems to be a perception lately that all CCTV cameras are equal – provided that the resolution / lens specification is the same and the housing is similar. As a result, I’ve seen countless new suppliers appear overnight and successfully sell cameras purely based on their ability to undercut the established companies in the industry. Guess what? It never works out well!

I understand the temptation. The camera from XYZ looks the same as the offering of the premium brand and perhaps it even produces a similar picture quality when you first plug it in. But what you’re not seeing is what happens one week / one month later, when the no-name camera becomes defective and the supplier runs for the hills when you try to get service.

We understand that when the camera fails, the Dealer has to return to the site and effectively loses money on that job. Even if the Dealer gets an exchange under warranty, the cost of the time involved in revisiting the site makes it a break-even job at best. If one of our cameras fails within one year, we’ll cover your service call with a free site visit. After all, there’s no risk since we’ve got your back in the highly unlikely event of failure.

For more information on best available Video Surveillance Solutions, please contact Hutaib InfoTech Solutions at info@hutaibinfotech.com / www.securitysolutionsdubai.com. Our experts will walk you through the Products and Solutions to keep you ahead of the curve.

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