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IP Camera – The Best Companion for Sensor Systems

On its own, sensor systems offer quite powerful functionalities. It gets triggered when there is an unauthorized intrusion in a premises or area. However for security personnel a flaw in the approach is the lack of visual aid to determine the source, nature or details of the intrusion. Security personnel will have to personally visit the area to understand what’s going on. This is precisely where the power of an IP camera comes forth.

Along with sensors, the additional layer of CCTV camera provides a holistic surveillance method. The audio-visual recordings facilitated by the Digital Video Recorder (DVR) can be used by law enforcement officers in their criminal investigations and presents a good way of remotely monitoring any area or premises in your house or office. Storage and access is easy and is used as a compelling evidence in court.

The current trends go one level beyond with use of IP cameras. They offer significant benefits like

  1. Installation ease – IP camera systems are easy to install. They just need power cables and TCP/IP network connectivity. These are the only cabling needed to setup and get the IP camera surveillance system running smoothly
  2. High quality – They offer HD quality audio-video recordings that renders amazing clarity and sharpness. This clarity leaves no doubt on the identity of the burglar or thief
  3. Ease of storage – With NVR (Network Video recorder) integration, the system can compress files containing the recording thus freeing up massive volume of space. This reduces cost overheads significantly and allows greater data storage
  4. Conversion ease – It can be easily synced to an EAC software for quick digitization, live viewing or playback of the recording. A court of law accepts a video recording in crime detection and can use of any of the popular audio- video formats such as .mpg, .mp4, .flv and many more to access the concerned footage.

Hutaib Infotech provides effective compatibility of its IP surveillance systems with Ingress software for best in class video recording, storage and access.

We strongly advise to have at least one IP camera installed at the door or entrance of the house or office. This is the first level of defense that a burglar would need to cross before breaking in. Using the Ingress software helps to monitor in/out situation at the door or entrance, and thus detect any unauthorized entry at the very onset.

With this installation, surveillance officers will be alerted by intrusion sensors. This in turn brings up the live view and recording of 5 minutes before as well as after the intrusion time for crime detection or maintaining law and order. This recording can then be cropped and saved as one of the many popular formats of audio-video playback to facilitate criminal investigation and aid in the judicial process.

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