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TimeTec Gets Your Workforce Management Right

Running an efficient business is not a walk in the park. The bigger the business’s size, the more aspects a company needs to pay attention to in order to stay effective. Workforce management, financial management, business strategies and resources management are among the crucial aspects of business that need intricate tending to not costing the company extra expanses and mismanagement. Having a system that can provide automation of the process and at the same time gives accurate data and improves the overall performance is a major plus for majority businesses.

Every aspect of workforce management is spick and span with TimeTec as your solution.

Every aspect of workforce management is spick and span with TimeTec as your solution.

TimeTec is the solution for your workforce management. With a minute investment, TimeTec provides a company with a clear overview of all employees and their activities that are related to productivity and wages. Here are 5 ways how TimeTec helps to get Your Workforce Management Right.

  1. Make Rules to Rule
    A company must be clear with their expectations from the workforce. Lenient and vaguely defined rules leave a huge allowance for the staff to set their own rules, which could cost the company. It’s crucial to set the company’s attendance rules or policies right from the beginning, and communicate these rules clearly across the company.  TimeTec is a tool that you can use to translate these rules and policies into action by setting them up in the system and TimeTec can trace all activities of the employees to ensure compliance. For example, if all general staff must clock in to work at 9am with an allowance of 10 mins, those who clock-in at 9.11am and above will be grouped as latecomers and the company needs to find a way to solve it.
  1. Apply Flexibility To Ensure Commitment
    When dealing with workers from different backgrounds with different sets of problems; offering no flexibility in managing them is not an option and could be a recipe for disaster. Between family members getting sick, car broke down, doctor’s appointment, emergencies; workforce behavior is unpredictable. Not only that, it’s becoming a trend for skilled workers these days to strive for work life balance and require the same from the employer when it comes to their work hours. TimeTec offers flexibility to the users with its work code and scheduling features. Employees can provide the reasons for tardiness and companies can offer flexible hours for select employees, both can be set in TimeTec seamlessly.
  1. Schedule Work Efficiently
    Managing resources and time to produce the highest possible productivity should be the aim of every business. This can be done efficiently through scheduling. TimeTec offers daily, weekly and flexi schedules that can be set accordingly to suit various types of work schedules. Fixed schedules, shift schedules, rotations, and etc are achievable easily with TimeTec scheduling.
  1. Transparency is the Best Policy
    A one-sided system is always prone to bias. A system that only favors the employer is not conducive to the morale of the employees. With TimeTec, not only does employer have full control of the system, it also provides employee with the rights to view their attendance online to see their work hours, short working hours, overtime, how many times they came in late and so on. They also can apply for changes in the incorrect time where necessary. Providing this transparency provides both sides with clearer picture of the entire attendance and work schedule situation and a remedy could be offered in any case of discrepancies besides giving the staff comfort knowing that they also have rights to their own data.
  1. Scalability is Necessary
    Global economy is always volatile; businesses are always at the mercy of the economy’s tantrum. When subscribing to a system that does not require you to stay fix, regardless of the economy situation, or your company’s growing status, you can scale its use to your requirements. TimeTec does not require hardware investment and the subscription can cater to the growth or downsize accordingly, providing you with a peace of mind.

With an effective and affordable system like TimeTec, a company can thrive even further having the workforce management aspect of it taken care of.

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