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Smart Ways to Manage Employee Leaves

employee leave

Every employee looks forward to spending time with his/ her family. Sometimes the weekly off is not enough and they plan family vacations as a much needed break from work. But the brunt of many employees taking leave; possibly at the same time, comes on the human resources department.

The larger your workforce is, the more you have find resourceful ways to deal with them taking leave without impacting office work. It’s impolite to just tell them not to take leave. This may be offensive and straight up rude.

If you are an HR team member facing a similar dilemma, then you are at the right place. Today, we look at a few smart ways to manage employee leaves better:

  1. Brief them on the guidelines of the company’s leave: It is essential for the human resources department to explain to all its employees on the day of joining itself, about the company’s leave policy. It has to be summarized in such a way that they understand the rules. Here are a few rules to keep in mind while setting the leave policies:
    • Build-up leave: transparency in leave allotment is crucial. Letting them know about the leave they get by default, how much add on leave do they get once they become permanent employees in the company, when the accrual will come into force and how they can carry forward their leave if not utilized. E.g. Yearly casual leave of 12 days, sick leave of 12 days, 3 months maternity or 1 month paternity leave and 12 days of paid leave, national and public holidays.
    • Leave sanction: Informing the HR in advance about one’s leave is important. If the person in charge is aware that a certain employee is going to be absent, he will adjust the roster accordingly so that he doesn’t fall short of employees.
  1. Keep track of public holidays in advance: when the year starts, employees have the tendencies to mark their calendars and plan their leave accordingly. They search for long weekends and plan trips. This leads to shortage of workforce on those particular weeks. Lack of people in the office can hamper the company’s productivity. A limit has to be set on the number of employees going on leave so that there is no shortage of workforce.
  2. Clarity is essential: If there is clarity in the leave system, employees are more committed to the work. They should be able to view the terms and conditions of their leave on the go via their mobile application. In this way, they can check the leave balance and plan their vacations accordingly. It also eases out the managers jobs too as they are aware well in advance and can chart out the rosters according to that.

Improper leave management can lead to disturbance in a company’s functionality and lead to disappointment of employees. Computerizing the leave management process can ease out the workload on the Human Resource department too. Developing a mobile app is important to streamline the leave management process and improve accuracy and productivity.

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