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TimeTec TA Transforms Attendance Management

Attendance is crucial in every company and organization. Nothing could be accomplished if your staff is not showing up for work; it is that simple. Time Attendance solution such as TimeTec TA should be necessary for any company, because the fact is, attendance is positively correlated to overhead cost of any business.

By having the latest and effective time and attendance solution like TimeTec TA, employees’ time activities can be monitored accurately and effortlessly without disrupting employees’ daily operations.

TimeTec TA is a cloud-based attendance system that offers accessibility, scalability and transparency to all of its users.

Attendance data in TimeTec TA is centralized on TimeTec cloud server and users can access to the data at anytime, from anywhere as long as there’s an Internet connection. Forget installation and technical support because when it’s online, TimeTec takes care of it. Designed with positive user-experience in mind, TimeTec TA features are user-intuitive and friendly, fit for any companies without requiring an expert in IT.  TimeTec TA also has prepared migration wizard, setup wizard, guides and 24/7 technical supports that are ready to assist users on every step.

TimeTec TA is not hardware biased, meaning that it doesn’t require users to buy any hardware in order for them to use the software. With TimeTec TA, users can clock-in using 3 methods (biometrics, mobile and PC) for now and a few more to come (NFC, GPS and etc). In this era of byod (bring your own device), users can clock-in and view attendance using mobile and PC and the best thing is, all methods are available without additional charge with TimeTec TA subscription.

Sign up with TimeTec TA and automatically receive 10-user licenses FREE for lifetime! Purchase additional licenses if you need more but if your company has 10 employees or less, TimeTec TA is absolutely free for you, and did we mention for LIFE? Please contact us for a free TimeTec TA account and start using TimeTec TA for free!


The size of your organization doesn’t really matter because TimeTec TA is designed to cater to scheduling and attendance management effectively regardless of the company’s sizes. TImeTec cloud server is more than sufficient to handle large amount of data.  No matter how simple or complex your scheduling is, TimeTec TA scheduling system can handle it. Group your schedules and assign them to the employees easily with TimeTec TA. Check TimeTec TA Scheduling Guide for examples and scenarios of scheduling.

Quit worrying about attendance data lost as we are keeping your data safe on our cloud server that’s run on Amazon EC2, providing reliable service at all times and all data are backed up regularly. So you can relax, keep calm and use TimeTec TA.

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