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Do You Need to Automate Your Staff's Attendance?

The biometric systems market is witnessing a large growth due to increasing demands that are an outcome of multiple factors.Increasing tourism, more expenditure on security, rising investment graph, IT expenditures,and the upcoming UAE World Expo 2020 are some key factors. The Middle East is now home to the best security and surveillance gadgets because of countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. The growth in the real estate and construction segment in UAE has given it the third spot in the biometrics market after Saudi Arabia and Turkey. The world’s largest biometric database has been also a big achievement of UAE which has around 135 million of facial images, fingerprints and hand or palm imprints.

How automated staff attendance systems boost productivity?

Companies that rely on the manual attendance and time reporting generally waste the most precious time of the morning. The time which could have been used for the most productive work. In addition to tiring manual reporting system, the attendance maintaining register becomes a headache for the human resource professionals to reconcile. This daunting and repetitive task takes their precious time away which could have been used for organisation’s improvement. Any organisation can make this daily reporting ritual easier by getting a biometric attendance system installed. It comes with ample benefits such as the below –

  • Avoid mischief–
    It is always tough to pin point employees that favour their colleagues and do regular buddy punching for them. With an advanced biometric attendance system, this can be avoided. The biometric system allows entry to the genuine person only based on their unique fingerprints or biometric identification.
  • Eliminates Personal bias for time reporting –
    There are personal bias involved when a human resource professional is held responsible for maintaining the entry and exit of the employees. And of course, there are personal favourites and haters involved that make the scope for human errors. This disrupts the natural calculation of the time and productivity of employees.
  • Removes geographical barriers-
    Big brands and multinationals now work from each and every corner of the world. For example a software professional sitting in a UAE based office might work by sharing virtual workspace with a colleague based at USA. A biometric attendance system makes the time reporting easier for multinationals. The exact number of hours worked are easier to calculate through an advanced cloud and mobile based attendance system with GPS information recorded.
  • Multinationals working in shifts –
    The booming BPOs and KPOs are working night and day having three shifts a day for their employees. The attendance and time reporting is nearly impossible to manage without the expertise of a biometric attendance system. The large number of working professionals also make it mandatory to install an efficient system of maintaining attendance.
  • Payroll processing made easy with no manual mistakes –
    The right information about working hours or productive time makes it easier to process the payroll at the end of the month. Some organisations give payments to their employees fortnightly. The biometric systems of attendance are a great help for them. There is no scope of manual errors and the right payroll is processed every time.
  • Boost the security of confidential workspaces-
    By allowing entry inside premises to only people recognised through biometric evidence, these keep strangers and suspicious people at bay. The automatic attendance systems allow the workspaces to be fully private and free of security concerns. People outsiders to an organisation can only meet the employees after following proper channel of communication.

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