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Behind Every Great Hardware… There’s an Equally Great Software

FingerTec has been in the biometrics time attendance and security business since the beginning of the millennium and after a good 15 years, we are still going strong, distributing the brand far and wide from Asia to the Middle East to Africa and around the world. In some countries FingerTec is known as a generic name to represent fingerprint technology. According to a few businessmen in India, they were selling FingerTec and they offered several brands of FingerTec. Some potential clients in Malaysia also wanted to install FingerTec when they didn’t mean FingerTec brand specifically. And in some other, FingerTec is a recognized brand name for biometrics products. Either way, it’s good news for us; people want FingerTec.

However, despite the glitz and glamorous technology of biometrics, the mystery surrounding its matching algorithm and the uniqueness of every human being’s fingerprint, the core of it all is the complementary software accompanying each and every device we ship to our clients. Using the car analogy, no matter how posh the car is, at the end of the day it’s the engine’s capability that speaks volumes. This also holds true to a biometrics system.

Our initial software, TCMS V2 has gained trust from FingerTec ’s clients worldwide because of its useful functions, accurate attendance data and reports. The software definitely has its own unique flaws, which have been frequently pointed out over the years, but eventually TCMS V2 fulfills most of the requirements without taxing the clients more money. Then, Ingress came into the picture more than a decade later with a heavier focus on door access and security, utilizing the latest language, loaded with the latest features and functions; and still being provided as a complementary solution to all our clients in the security sector of the market.


While potential customers might shop around looking at the swankiest biometric readers around, we are confident that our humbled complementary software will usually get the job done.

Not only that, we offer more software tools and SDKs to ease the integration and simplify all the works.

Learn more about software solutions from the guide:

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