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Biometrics door access solution has been around for more than a decade but because biometrics sounds scientific as compared to the one-syllable “key” term, still many people are intimidated by its advancement when, in fact, biometric provides a more secure and user-friendly solution than the conventional Push & Turn key offers.

Here are 10 reasons why biometric system trumps key for access control.

  1. What can you do with your keys except to push it into a keyhole to turn the door open?  Unless it’s a key to your heart, almost every key can only just open one door. Well, there’s no hole to turn in FingerTec Biometrics devices, but it offers not only 1 but 3 methods to open your doors. With our Biometrics devices, you can use fingerprint, card and PIN plus the combinations of these methods for those who prefer things a bit knotty.
  2. If you think using a key is fast and easy, let’s see how fast a fingerprint can open a door.
  3. Keys cannot stop people from going in and out at certain hours. Biometrics devices can prevent people from accessing a certain area at a certain time through its time zone features. So, if your office is off limit from 8 pm onwards, set your R3 access control to match.
  4. Key system requires you to install a separate alarm system to complete your security system, but our FingerTec biometrics devices like R3 comes with the built-in alarm to be used during an emergency. This feature could potentially save you money, time and that headache to search for a good alarm system.
  5. Key system provides authorized people with appropriate keys to access your premises, but you can’t tell who open which door at what time. Biometrics devices can provide you with an audit trail, providing you with a reliable door access data at all times, transferable via IP, USB and Serial connectivity.
  6. For those who wish to have fingerprint system for In and Out readers,  our biometrics devices can be paired together at an affordable price and not double the price.
  7. Biometric system like R3 is token less (unless you choose to use RFID system along with the fingerprint) You can walk into the office without having to keep any keys because the key is you. No buddy punching is possible because the system only recognizes your body parts.
  8. Modern access control devices comes with fancy multimedia features, where you can broadcast short messages display, feature your company’s slide shows on the display screen when the system is idle. Keys are just keys.
  9. Our FingerTec biometrics devices comes bundled with powerful Ingress software which you can go as set as simple or as complex as your requirements. Keys are just keys.
  10. Last but not least, FingerTec R3 has a great design for your office space and it is built with robust material, totally worth your investment.


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