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Keeping your Team Together, TimeTec Profile

Employee’s personal and employment information is most of the time private and has to be kept confidential by the Human Resource department. Data & Information such as company staff’s remuneration packages & other sensitive information need to be safely guarded by the HR personnel to avoid office crisis and complication.  Nevertheless, how do the they (HR) obtain and keep that information, as well as how accessible and updated is the information are the questions management need to ask going forward.

TimeTec ProfileConventionally, when a candidate comes for an interview, the person needs to fill up a form, bring their certificates and credentials, etc., and the HR personnel will file all the information and documents for future reference. While that has worked in the past, it doesn’t mean it has to be that way to stay relevant. Times have changed and many modern companies are indeed looking for a simpler way to manage employee information and that some information/data needs to be made accessible to other personnel apart from the HR personnel to achieve corporate efficiency.

TimeTec Profile has been developed in such a way so as to centralize all your team members profiles into one place, making it easier for authorized personnel to access into relevant information when required. It also offers employee data intact, data online, data correct and updated at all times.

All the employee details can be keyed into the system straight from the interview phase using TimeTec Profile and the information can be directly assimilated into the company’s profile during onboarding process. There is no need of manual data entry required, since TimeTec Profile saves all the information on cloud, online, complete with soft copies of credentials and certificates.

Create your company’s own organizational uniqueness by creating relevant fields to your employee’s profile. You can get all the relevant details in your system & manage the organizational hierarchy easily through this single solution. You can connect your team members effectively and efficiently using TimeTec Profile. You do not need to worry about information or confidentiality leak because the admin can determine the access levels of employees to safeguard your company’s confidential information and let different personnel to view different areas.

The company can also subscribe to other useful workforce solutions such as TimeTec TA via TimeTec Profile for workforce time attendance and scheduling as well as TimeTec Leave for leave management, and all these solutions can be managed through one place to avoid any type of confusion and mismanagement.

We can conclude that, once everything is integrated & accessible through various levels of access, TimeTec Profile helps to safeguards all your employee’s information so you can build your organizational structure & keep your team together effectively & affordably.

For more information on TimeTec TA Products, please contact us. Our experts will walk you through the Products and Solutions to keep you ahead of the curve.

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