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FingerTec Biometrics Thermal Products


When Covid-19 hit, there are plenty of thermal face recognition products out there trying to grab the new opportunity in the new normal, especially when the normal businesses get hit hard.

Almost all the similar products are from the country that first detected the Coronavirus. Nevertheless, these are the transitional products for temporarily measuring the body temperatures during the Covid-19 threat, and they would be literally useless when the crisis is over if it comes without proper software.

What is the proper software to prolong their life cycles and put them into normal use?

The core software: Time Attendance and Access Control

The supplementary software: Visitor Management

And frankly, rarely any hardware providers have either one, not to mention both or more. Most of them claimed they have, but proved otherwise.

Then who should the customers look for to save their huge investment?

FingerTec. Who else?

FingerTec have been in the market for twenty years, have developed the world-class Windows and cloud-based time attendance, access control system, and visitor management as well, perfectly integrated with biometrics device cum temperature module.

We help our customers in their Digital Transformation in the workforce management in the new normal with the health screening module, not only confined to the limited short-term purpose temporary body temperature measures without any added value. 

The opportunists’ advertisements shout very loud, but timid in every in-depth deliverable.

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