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HUTAIB InfoTech Solutions recommended TimeTec TA for EEG Dubai

HUTAIB InfoTech Solutions, established in 2011 is a provider of high-level Security & CCTV Video Surveillance Systems, Time Attendance & Door Access Control Solution, Structured Cabling and Wireless Connectivity Solutions, ICT & Telecommunications Systems and other Low Voltage Systems for Commercial, Government and industrial sectors throughout the UAE.HUTAIB InfoTech Solutions has recommended TimeTec TA and a combination of FingerTec Q2i and R2 to Europe Emirates Group, Dubai (EEG) to manage and regulate their workforce effectively around the clock and beyond. EEG is an independent corporate service provider, formed by a group of International business strategists and professionals, with a customer-focused vision, aiming to understand, evaluate, design and implement solutions that best meet the needs of the customers.

This cloud based solution helps EEG’s HR team to simplify the workforce management process by automatically gathering all recorded attendance from FingerTec Q2i to be processed in TimeTec TA. With this new implementation the HR team, managers and supervisors are able to operate from one single platform through any browser at any time, from anywhere. EEG HR team found it easy to manage attendance from one single point because all records are consolidated even though the data comes from various remote locations. Using TimeTec TA, there will be no missing clocking activities and all adjustments can be done from one centralized system. The solution also comes useful to ease payroll-processing activities, as authorized personnel may export relevant data from TimeTec TA to be integrated in their own payroll system.

Employees on the other hand, were able to view and record attendance online via TimeTec TA using their own login ID and they could also do so through the mobile app, which allowed them to conveniently record and keep track of their attendance on the go, and some can use web clocking via the software online to report attendance. TimeTec TA doesn’t only give employer that complete overview of company’s overall attendance, it also provides transparency for employees to check on their data and correct any discrepancies, if any. Meanwhile FingerTec Q2i and R2 worked as combination to record genuine attendance for EEG. With precise fingerprint recognition, buddy punching and other forms of crookedness no longer took place. Security was also well taken care of as only authorized personnel are allowed entry access within the office.

HUTAIB InfoTech Solutions is working closely with FingerTec’s distributor, Magnum Connect Fz Co in providing biometrics solutions in UAE and Magnum has been FingerTec’s trusted distributor in the Emirates for more than 10 years to date.

For more information on above solution provided, please contact Hutaib InfoTech Solutions at info@hutaibinfotech.com. Our experts will walk you through the Products and Solutions to keep you ahead of the curve.

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