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TimeTec Mobile – Clock In Attendance with Geo-Location

Time attendance systems are a must for the workplace. For any business whether large or small, there is always the need for an accurate and reliable time attendance system to keep track of your workforce, for employee management and payroll management systems, and to forecast work completion on a daily basis. With latest technologies coming into play, time attendance systems have become increasingly convenient and safe to use, and a shining example of this is the new TimeTec Mobile- a modern attendance system for use with the mobile platform. The system brings new, innovative features to the table that can make attendance management a breeze.

On-the-go Attendance with Geo-location

The USP of TimeTec mobile is the fact that it lets your employees clock in even while on the go. Due to the use of the smartphone and tablet platform, it is possible to clock in from any location with internet connectivity. The app can also use the built in GPS hardware of your phone to provide each clock-in with a geo-location tag for storage and verification. The service comes with cloud features for date and time sync across devices, and also allows you to access all employee data remotely from a single hub.

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