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4 Fatal Mistakes When Buying CCTV Video Surveillance Solution

CCTV cameras are meant to make life easier for valuable premises such as multinational banks, retail malls, jewellery stores,and government organisations. The peace of mind that is expected from a smart CCTV system often turns into a big headache for many when the guidelines and norms are not followed due to negligence or little awareness. Please consider these five rules that must be followed while purchasing a CCTV for the safety and surveillance of residential or commercial premises in UAE.

  • Avoid buying the wrong lens
    Putting the wrong lenses could lead to security issues as images recorded through these cameras are not considered fit for presentation in front of police or for judicial proceedings. Putting on the right lenses is the most basic need for surveillance of any place.
  • Don’t buy the wrong resolution of DVR
    A DVR with the wrong resolution is nearly useless when it comes to checking the recorded videos. To get a good picture quality, installing high quality DVRs is highly recommended by safety and surveillance experts.
  • Don’t Install a system that doesn’t abide by the law
    Before getting a security system installed, it is advisable to enquire about the safety laws of UAE. Failing to meet the norms could make anyone open to judicial proceedings or penalty under the laws.
  • Do not become victim of low quality CCTV products through the ‘so called’ CCTV Installers-Sometimes video surveillance manufacturing companies fail to meet the quality criterion that are expected from them. The organisations give their full CCTV installation project tenders to these installers, only to find that their CCTV products are of low quality.
Ensuring proper care and abiding by the guidelines, anyone can get the CCTV cameras installed successfully into their place and secure their possessions.

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