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Managing Workforce in a Pandemic

The next wave of Covid-19 pandemic is here. Now positive cases has hit 3500 thousand daily, and everyone is busy going about their business despite the movement control order. To think about a year ago when everybody was totally locked in their own house for nearly one month when the positive cases didn’t even touch triple digits, today’s approach to the pandemic is baffling.

Even more challenging for businesses is how to manage the workforce during this raging pandemic, without putting anyone at risk. Furthermore, there are infected patients from the recent c-19 variant that are showing no symptoms whatsoever, making it even harder for the company to suspect a possible positive case for immediate isolation. The uphill battle continues.

The workplace can’t assume a passive role in securing the safety of its workers anymore. The active role should involve considering a system that identifies compliance before letting anybody into one’s premises. High body temperature is a huge red flag, but since some of the infected are not having temperature anymore (though some do), hence, the more critical SOP are mask-wearing and physical distancing.

One has to keep that 2 or 3 meters distance when communicating with the other person, without fail. While all of those precautions involve individual attitude, what a company to do at this juncture? Plenty.

Companies need to guard entrances with relevant devices, highlight mask-wearing and provide enough space for social distancing. Lack of space is not an excuse to let more in under the pretense of 30% management leniency, as mask-wearing lost its effectiveness with the absence of physical distancing. Better still is to adopt a contactless time attendance system where staff can clock in and out using their own devices. Now, attendance using App like TimeTec Time Attendance is readily available, and it’s not costly to adopt.

Another area that needs precaution is Visitor Management. Make your visitor system contactless—discard pen and paper, don’t touch any ID for clarification. Digitalize everything, let the visitors preregister and scan the QR code when they arrive. Scan their temperature, make sure they are wearing the mask at ALL times and keep that physical distancing intact.

The information may sound redundant, but it’s what we need to survive on the other side.

TimeTec provides devices as a precautionary measure during this pandemic and other solutions like TimeTec Smart Attendance, Visitor Management System for contactless visitor management and FingerTec Face ID that can scan face for recognition for attendance and door control, and scan body temperature and mask-wearing compliance at the same time.

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