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LPR technology comes of age

Data analytics and security applications are driving public safety adaptations of License Plate Recognition technology.

With the evolution of video surveillance technology in recent years and the vast amount of data that organizations are collecting and storing, there has also been increased interest in the deployment of various analytic applications including license plate recognition software. Although it remains a key tool for law enforcement, the use of LPR technology has expanded to a variety of applications including the collection of tolls on roadways and tracking vehicles when they enter and exit parking garages.

The anticipated growth in this market segment has not gone unnoticed by some of larger surveillance vendors in the industry as some look to make LPR solutions a bigger part of their offerings moving forward.

In the past, applications for LPR technology were very limited due to the fact that users had to have a fixed camera and a fixed focal point at a defined distance for the software to be able to do its job, which even then may prove to be unreliable. That has all changed due to advances in both surveillance hardware and software solutions.

LPR is not just for a crime deterrent or traffic enforcement tool. The applications are so vastly unlimited because, the automobile is king still. No matter how much public transportation is pushed, people still prefer to drive so you’re probably going to see more applications.

System can gather information from a license plate; System can give the information in real time and basically enhance the physical security of a premises, facility or a site of interest by having the ability to know who is coming and who is going through a facility.

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