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5 ways in which Video Surveillance Systems Can Protect your Business

It is a common worry of entrepreneurs and business owners to protect their valuable assets, infrastructure or machinery from hazards such as fire, theft or run. When it actually takes place, such perils bring about destruction of property or heavy losses which is not at all viable from a business point of view. In case you need an effective solution that addresses these hazards and justifies the necessary investment, then we would strongly suggest you to look at installing video surveillance system fromreputed manufacturer’s suchas Samsung, WatchNET, CP Plus or DLink. Installing the video surveillance systems will be a profitable move when you consider that it protects you from vandalism, theft and weather elements. If you need more evidence of why it makes complete sense to install a video surveillance system in your office or commercial establishment, then we present to you 5 ways in which it can help –


  1. Inventory – Be it a warehouse, storage unit or factory, constant watching and observation is needed to ensure protection of the assets and stock from unwanted circumstances such as robbery or wreckage. Video surveillance not only protects your inventory from damage but also helps keep up the profitability of the enterprise by minimizing loss due to these hazards.


  1. Large slots of area – A big expanse of area (hangar, malls or parking lot) require huge investment into deploying necessary manpower to carry out surveillance, especially when they aren’t frequented by many people or are darkly lit up. Instead of this, video surveillance provides the need for just one person (a monitor) that analyses the video feeds and takes action appropriately.


  1. Human protection – Presence of video surveillance also protects your clients, employees, customers, delivery people, orstaff from being unnecessarily harassed or molested. They act as influential deterrent to would-be thieves or muggers and thus protect the life and safety of people. It especially works well in ensuring safety of women in supermarkets, deserted parking lots or remote ATM machine station.


  1. Bring down crime – Many ATM robberies have been solved within hours in UAE due to the presence of video surveillance that gives a ready image of the thief and thus helps protect the banks against incurring losses due to the theft. This is because video surveillance feeds are considered strong evidence in courts and help quicker prosecution of criminals.


  1. Ensure discipline – How do you ensure that the cleaning staff or administrative employees are alert in discharging their duties? How would you ensure that your business premises stays protected even during after-hours? How would you ensure that your shop staff is disciplined or well-behaved behind your back? Install video surveillance and get clear answers to these queries that can make or break a business.


A word of note though – make sure you have spent some time before installing video surveillance systems from reputed companies such as Axis or WatchNET. You need to do your research from multiple sources, determine the budget for installation and then enlist the services of a trustworthy provider such as HUTAIB INFOTECH SOLUTIONS that will help in robust installation with reliable parts and long lasting maintenance.

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