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Access Control in the Education Sector

The need for verified access control is very critical in the education sector. It helps to protect the young minds at study and facilitates efficient management of the huge school surroundings. Some ways in which they can benefit education sector are –

  1. Protecting students and teachers – Education premises need not look like prisons or caged environs with presence of visible security measures like fences and locks. The building needs to provide a welcoming ambience and promote a peaceful learning process, while still keeping out strangers. Both these factors can be easily achieved with door access control.
  2. Managing visitors and parents – Outside public, guardians and parents need to be checked in first at the office or reception before being issues the apt temporary access card. This allows them access to non-secure areas but not to classrooms, server rooms, or file rooms.
  3. Restricting temp staff or workers – In case of maintenance or construction or cafeteria contractors, they need to be issued with temp pass card integrated with time attendance system. This not only helps track their in time out time but also monitors the areas they are working in and determine whether or not they are straying to unauthorized parts of the building.
Proper access controls also puts the anxious minds of parents at ease. With the presence of such security measures, they trust the protected confines of the school and college to protect their youngsters. Even when the building are unoccupied during evening time or vacations, the precious assets of the school needs to be safe from unwanted intrusion.

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