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Anti-Passback in Ingressus Enhanced

Any system, no matter what it is intended for, can always be compromised or misused. We at FingerTec strive to offer the best and secure systems where administrators and users will feel confident in whatever solutions that they use whether it is for security and surveillance or workforce management. The Ingressus is a controller device that acts as a hub for managing credential verification and storing data between slave devices, doors, and the software.

The current Ingressus is equipped with an anti-passback feature which can be configured for all doors. However, with the existing anti-passback feature, users have to exit at their point of entry only. Exiting at other doors will not be authorized and the user will not be permitted entry next time.

The upcoming enhancement will allow the configuration of anti-passback for all doors connected to Ingressus. This means that companies with multiple doors will now be affected by anti-passback allowing users to exit the building from any door as long as the user verified their entry at the terminals. Should users tailgate while exiting a building, their access will be blocked upon next entry.

This new feature will provide users of Ingressus with more flexibility without compromising security.

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