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Wireless Lan Controller

For your enterprise grade wireless LAN controllers, we at Hutaib InfoTech Solutions bring to you the biggest range to add to your business efficiencies. Here is the range of superior 4ipnet wireless LAN controllers we supply and deploy throughout the UAE and Middle East.

WHG201_photoThese are the perfect entry-level wireless LAN controllers. You can control up to 10 EAP/OWL-series Wireless Access Points for your business very easily. For business owners, the comprehensive troubleshooting and detailed logs helps in controlling bandwidth and connections securely. If your business operates on the lean model, then this entry level LAN controller is the ideal choice.

  • Easy setup, installation, and configuration, that doesn’t require technical knowledge
  • Simple yet impactful user interface that helps carry out a host of tasks like managing logins, account management tools, and PayPal payment gateway integration
  • Transform your store to a wireless Wi-Fi hotspot and elevate user experience up by a notch
  • It is the ideal option for new startups who want to run a hotspot store and attract more footfalls to their store
  • The system itself is dust-proof and wall mountable for ease of portability

WHG321_photoWith a capacity to manage as many as 40 APs, the WHG321 is ready to scale as per your business needs. The system is a delight for administrators looking for elaborate AP management coupled with integrated bulling management bandwidth, firewall, and routing policies. Thanks to its 802.1X or web-based user authentication, businesses can score high on crucial IT KPIs like managing business continuity, integrating BYOD and workforce mobility.

  • 2 x 2 MIMO radios to support 2.5 GHz and 5 GHz bands
  • Full scale of user validation and real-time monitoring
  • The full secure and manageable wireless network is suitable for businesses across scale and size
  • Full deployment is now a matter of one click, thanks to the 4ipWES (Wireless Easy Setup) technology

Using the HSG327, businesses in the hospitality and small business sectors can easily get new patrons on-board. Worried about ‘Wi-Fi squatters’ who stay for long at the coffee shop but don’t purchase anything? This gateway allows for limiting free access for a certain duration or volume.

WHG325_photo1The WHG325 is just what your medium sized business needs to manage your workforce. It can manage upto 80 APs, and is ideal for provided managed Wi-Fi services at competitive license-free price point. The automated AP discovery helps administrators to easily add new points without going through a cumbersome configuration process.  If your business aim to step to the next level of mobility based workforce, then look no further than the WHG325 to enjoy a TCO that aligns to your limited budget constraints.

WHG425_photo1With the WHG425, your bigger sized organization can easily integrate upto 150 APs. It offers automated AP discovery, fast roaming, and AP load balancing for optimal use throughout the company. Your in-house IT team can access a variety of elaborate reports on network load, user event logging, and network statistics.

The controller is easy to set up and deploy and doesn’t need an IT-savvy team to run and manage on a daily basis.

WHG525_photoFor a larger sized organization, the WHG525 is a perfect fit of wireless LAN controller. It can manage as many as 300 APs with login via social media, e-mail, or SMS. Easy deployment, easy addition of additional access points, and centralized monitoring, help the business owner to exercise total control over how the Wi-Fi is being used in the office. The controller offers a rich repertoire of admin reports and logging information that can ensure in optimizing the Wi-Fi system across the company.

WHG711_photo1Large sized companies that need to manage upto 500 access points have an ideal wireless LAN controller in the form of 4ipnet’s WHG711. Its Integration with Micros Opera PMS makes it a must have for those in the real estate business. Easy setup, simplified configuration, and immensely helpful reports and logs for the senior management, is what makes the WHG711 a must have for your organization.

WHG802_photo1Large scale conglomerates who wish to manage upto 1200 APs can get tremendous ROI by investing into the WHG802. The wireless LAN controller offers a Customizable captive portal and can be integrated with several third party applications such as the Micros Opera PMS. Have a firm grip on the Wi-Fi usage within your company and save massively on your ISP bills with 4ipnet’s WHG802 LAN controller. The easy installation, configuration and scalability makes the controller a crucial asset to your organization’s IT systems.

HUTAIB Advantage!

Also a great technical support team helps to resolve any problems remotely, thus saving you substantial overheads associated with technician visits and subsequent downtime.

Want to know more about the benefits these wireless lan controller solutions can offer to your business?

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